Why Anekam?

Anekam is started with a thought to empower businesses to extend their selling capabilities using a cost effective mobile based POS system. With this thought, Anekam is conceptualized, designed and developed by industry experts.

This enables retailers to accept various types of payments including Cards, Cash, UPI, Wallets, NEFT and SMS links. And all of these payments can be accepted for the orders processed at the store or online or during door deliveries. Everything is at one place!

Anekam’s vision is to provide very simple and cost effective solutions to the merchants with many benefits. Here is the list of benefits using Anekam.

Various Payment Options and Methods

At Store

On the Go


Call-in Orders








All-In-One Device

Seamlessly integrated device with POS software, swiping machine, printer and scanner. This device is operated using both wi-fi and SIM card. All transactions are secured with PCI / EMV compliance.

Quick Billing / Invoicing

With few clicks, items are added and bill is created instantly. Multiple staff members use the same app, each with their own access given by business owner. Every order is saved for future reference / reports.

FREE POS Software

Anekam is the easiest way to implement point of sale system for a single or multiple location businesses. Create and manage products / store very easily. Tracking inventory and GST is very simple with Anekam.

Contactless Payments

Covid-19 pandemic needs physical distancing and contactless payments more than ever. Anekam device empower merchants to take payments from each customer away from the big crowds.

Manage Multiple Locations

Anekam App help merchants to manage entire retail operations from one place and the same solution can be used for one store to multiple stores effectively. Sales can be monitored for every store from this App.

Low Processing Fees

We have low processing fee and there are no hidden charges. Get processing fees as low as 0%.  Rate varies based on the card type and issuer. Some RuPay and Debit card payments may attract only 0% fee.

Easy Tax Filing

Anekam has an easy way for the merchants to extract all sales and tax details in a file. These files can be used by accountants to file the GST returns easily. Make your tax filing process seamless and free.

Speedy Transactions

Using Anekam, transactions are processed in a blink. Be it one product or more, the process is simple. Search, scan and filter options help staff to add products fast and serve the customers quickly.

Generate Instant Reports

Owners can create, view, print and send the reports quickly. Various reports can be generated to see daily sales, sales by location, sales by item, sales by each employee, taxes, tips, payment types and inventory.

Faster Activation

Get merchant accounts within 2 to 3 business days to accept digital payments. We provide both online and offline merchants accounts to accept payments at store or online.

Get Business Loans (coming soon)

Anekam is developing a network of lenders to offer loans to businesses easily based on their cash flow. Due to Covid-19, many businesses are impacted so badly and our goal is to help them secure these loans.

Retain Customers (coming soon)

In today’s competitive world, offering Rewards, Loyalty Points, Coupons and Promotions is best way to make customers happy and retain them. Anekam has the capability to offer these.

Track Khata Accounts (coming soon)

In the neighborhood stores, accepting credit is a common phenomenon in India. By keeping this requirement in mind, Anekam has an option to record these credits with customer details for future payments.

Get Online Orders (coming soon)

Anekam wants to offer stores to sell online to the near by customers. This will allow businesses to increase their revenues and attract local customers easily. Sell both offline and online using the same system.

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