‘We are in midst of boom in home-based businesses, and it shows no sign of slowing.’

 When you think of owning and operating a business, you might think about renting commercial real estate, commuting to an office, or managing employees. But with the changing dynamics, more and more people are discovering ways to use remote work or home to pursue entrepreneurship with their headquarters there. Over the last decade, high-speed internet, a proliferation of devices and applications, and changing attitudes about the nature of work have enabled many people to start home-based businesses based on their skills, ideas, and experiences. In today’s connected world where technology offers us more flexibility in how and where we work, home-based businesses come in a wide variety of forms. Some require to convert a spare room into a mini-warehouse for products, while others can be run completely online. The dreams of working at home and being your own boss are very much alive and go hand-in-hand in the modern workforce. It is now possible to start almost any kind of business from home immediately, with varying degrees of investment and experience. Starting a home-based business is not a just trend, it is part of the new reality of the global workforce.

While home based business offer flexibility in terms of place and time with global reach, one needs to run it as a professional. Basic infrastructure is a must to be able to grow in global market and achieve a higher scale. Ultimately, like every other business, your home business also needs to scale up.

 To begin with, here are major leaps you can take to scale the home-based business:

 Standardise your skill, processes

The home-based business starts with one or two people, who has skills, experience and ideas but for it to grow big, the same skills need to be standardised and transferred to others. For example, you started a home-based business of making finest cup-cakes. Now to be able to scale it up, you need to standardise the process of making exactly the same cupcake so that no matter who makes it, it tastes the same. Similarly, other processes like customer ordering, payments, deliveries, complaint handling, maintaining hygiene and so on, everything needs to be standardised. Only when you standardise the processes, you can scale it up by transferring the expertise to your team. You can use process mapping tools for doing the same.

 Standardise your payment methods

While scaling up, you might need to accept payments in various methods like cash, card, UPI, SMS etc. Your payment methods also need to be standardised and channelised to a singular platform and account. To be able to do so, you need easy to use and cost-effective digital payment solution. There are various digital payment partners available in the market. One of the highly recommended solution providers is Anekam omni-channel payments platform. Let’s see how Anekam can help you scale up your business by standardising your payments.

Anekam Terminal: Through Anekam Terminal, you can accept every digital payment and run your business smoothly from one single device. It also helps you generate single report for all the payments. It is very easy to carry, portable, intuitive with class apart design.

Anekam App: You can also simply download the Anekam App on to your phone or Tablet, create your catalogue for free and start using it Instantly for your payments. Go ahead and download it right away!

Anekam Station: If you are a small store or boutique kind of a set-up from home, you can go for Anekam Station which can be set-up on your own tablet with a card swiping machine, barcode scanner and a printer.

Anekam not only gives you a standardised method of payment, it also enables you to analyse your sales by generating various reports, customer data base and purchase patterns. It is so easy to adopt that you can use your own devices like mobile and tablet and just get started. Very professional set up with very less money. Easy to carry everywhere and accept payments anywhere.

Hope below links will help you to start with Anekam right away and scale up your home-based business in style.

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