How systems should help businesses during pandemics like Covid

Customers are expecting for you to be available,where they are, the moment they want, and they are expecting this action from you Right Away. How do you make sure that you are going meeting their expectations? Omnichannel and integrated system is the answer. Read below to know how to achieve this.

Companies with Omnichannel (one system for all activities) strategies can retain 89% of their customers!

Today’s consumers shop across multiple channels and multiple devices. They may find something online and then head into the store to make the purchase. Or conversely, they may be at a store, see a mobile phone they like but not in the discount, and then pull out their mobile to check online and make the purchase. Any number of scenarios like this exist but the most important aspect of omnichannel is that each of these channels should be interconnected to provide a seamless experience and connected purchase journey.

Due to current Covid-19 scenario, every business is trying to go Omnichannel and driving digital transformation to stay afloat. But Digital transformation and customer experience go hand in hand. Are they successfully delivering right customer experience?

Let’s see some data:

  • 89% of customers get frustrated having to repeat their issues to multiple representatives
  • 61% of customers have not been able to easily switch from one channel to another when interacting with customer service.
  • 50% of shoppers expect that they will be able to make a purchase online and pick up instore

This era demands for a single seamless system across all the channels of interaction with customers. Systems should help to do the following seamlessly and reduce the redundancy:

  • In-person orders at the store.
  • Phone / Call-in / Carryout orders.
  • Phone / Call-in / Door delivery orders
  • Online orders with a product catalog to choose from and then to pick-up or deliver.
  • Multiple terminals / locations with one backend system.
  • Contactless payments with payment link to come as SMS or Email.
  • Reports or previous orders information to reorder easily.
  • Help remote staff to take orders and pass them to the store, which frees up the frontdesk staff. This is helpful for restaurants, bakeries etc., to focus on their food preparations.

Businesses need seamless payment system providers
To be able to integrate all these pieces in one system, businesses need Omnichannel system
providers, who can supply multichannel sales management solutions. However, to choose the
right provider for the company, businesses need to pay attention few factors:

  • Quick and fast set up
  • Cost effective infrastructure
  • Anytime, anywhere access to the reports and data
  • Ability to generate invoice and accept payments anywhere

Some of the best Omnichannel solution providers you can choose from are Anekam mPOS,
Contalog, GoECart, Orckestra, FISHa, 247commerce and Magestore.

Anekam mPOS
Anekam mPOS provides seamless payment system to every size of businesses with minimum set up and infrastructure, in the most cost effective and simple ways. Focused on small/medium sized businesses, Anekam transforms traditional POS systems into portable mobile/tablet-based solution with great ease of use, flexibility and cost effectiveness with next to nothing investment in infrastructure. Anekam offers features like:

  • Sophisticated POS
  • Multiple payment options
  • Create store catalogue instantly
  • GST invoicing

All you need to do is download Anekam mPOS App on to your phone to use first and the get the portable mPOS machine in order to accept card payments. You are all set to go Omnichannel with single integrated system. It’s time to be Omnipresent with a seamless system!

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